Activities carried out under the ENVSEC Initiative demonstrate that the environment can be a bridge for cross-boundary cooperation. Joint assessments and information exchanges have identified common interests, improved mutual understanding, and built foundations for agreements on transboundary environmental management. The partnership approach on whichENVSEC is based brings clear benefits in terms of improved coordination; a cost-effective and comprehensive approach to regional cooperation; and enhanced synergies and coherence with other donor initiatives at country and sub-regional level. A mid-term assessment requested by the Canadian International Development Agency and conducted by an independent consultant concluded that “ENVSEC is a rare upshot of the implementation of the February 2005 Paris Declaration with regard to donor harmonization and local ownership”.

As of December 2012, the ENVSEC Initiative had a portfolio of 79 projects implemented in all four focus regions. The overall project budget is USD 42 million.

For more information on the ENVSEC Initiative, please visit the ENVSEC website.

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